Tecnico provide building, facility, infrastructure, and maintenance services to numerous clients from different industries, across the globe. Our experienced and qualified on-site staff successfully provide unmatched uptime and availability of infrastructure and equipment at the most challenging locations worldwide. Our back office support based at our headquarters provide agile supply chain, procurement, and logistics solutions to overcome the challenges of materials and spare parts replenishment in austere and sometimes inaccessible locations.

Tecnico provide exceptional preventative maintenance and our approach to providing effective corrective maintenance is towards increasing the safety of employees, reducing facility and equipment downtime, and methodically identifying and allocating resources through strategic scheduling to achieve maximum benefits for the customers.

Tecnico utilize state of the art digital solutions on all our facility maintenance operations. All work orders are maintained in Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). Our work order management strategy is customer-focused and requests are automated through the latest hardware and software by way of a preventive maintenance (PM) schedule. The digitalization of operations has ensured that maintenance, repair, and operations work results in better fulfilment and overall completion rates across our operations.


The way to do things right, is to have the right people do them. With this in mind we find talent for our clients in the locations where they need to operate. Our man-power services ensure that our client’s operations are staffed and managed efficiently, with personnel who have the required training and experience. A strategy that has proven advantageous in improving service quality and customer satisfaction


We provide a wide range of laundry services for commercial customers, international governmental and non-governmental organizations. Our solid reputation for laundry services is based on extensive experience, high-tech laundromats and laundry related equipment as well as the best quality eco-friendly detergent usage.

Providing the best of service with the highest quality washing and drying experience as well as meeting our costumers necessities

Fast Turnaround